Become a Coach

People come to the coaching profession from a wide variety of backgrounds, education and experience. As a charter chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF), we are committed to advancing the Art, Science and Practice of Professional Coaching.

In support of this we strongly recommend that any individual who is interested in becoming a coach learn about coaching by attending one of our monthly events and speaking with some of our members.  They are truly a wealth of information regarding coaching both as a profession and as a business and will be more than happy to share their experiences regarding the various training options available.

While there are many different paths towards becoming a coach, we offer the following as a template for your consideration:

  1. Attend an ICF Calgary meeting and speak with professional coaches about their careers
  2. Join the ICF and automatically become a (basic) member of ICF Calgary
  3. Investigate an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).  These programs train coaches in alignment with the ICF credential requirements
  4. Register and complete an ACTP coach training program. Some of the programs and schools favored by our members are listed here.
  5. Most coaches are entrepreneurs and this factor is one of the most overlooked elements in developing and maintaining a successful coaching practice.  It is highly recommended that you make use of the services of "The Business Link" to educate and inform yourself about what it means to be a small business person
  6. Take advantage of ongoing opportunities to grow your coaching skills, business acumen and personal network
  7. Acquire sufficient hours to apply for an ICF Credential.
  8. Enjoy your new and fulfilling career as a Professional Coach!